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Report - Astrid - 03-24-2018

Offender's username: HonestlyAwkward
My username: Astrid___
Location: Island Spawn
Evidence: (evidence of exploitation) and (Killing me in a non PvP area - Note the killing is near the end, it shows that she attempts to kill me, stops then does it again
What rule was broken? Abusing glitches
Description of offence:

I went AFK for a bit and died, I didnt know who or what killed me, so I hypothesised that honest may have killed me. I then proceeded to investigate her house, where I found a book which says "I'm sorry, I cannot do this anymore" along with a load of diamond ores and diamonds, which may suggest that she is sad and is exploiting to make herself feel better. Also, in the 2nd video, I filmed myself being AFK and shortly Honest killed me. I lost a lot of items and felt bad that she used a substance that is harmful towards me. Also she was engaging in combat with me and was taking advantage of my AFK state by placing lava on top of me and killing me. Also pushing off the island would still have killed me from fall damange

RE: Report - Polo002 - 03-24-2018

No rules have been broken