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Suggestion! - Astrid - 03-20-2018

Hey guys, so I have a suggestion for the server when the free world comes out. When the free world comes out, I think we should be able to claim land and make our bases, also I think it would help as firespread may be enabled in the area! What do you think?

Should Polo add this or not?

Post your comment in the comments!

RE: Suggestion! - HonestlyAwkward - 03-20-2018

Yes! I do think that would be great!
Good idea Astrid!
Although, It is a skyblock not a survival.
If it was not a skyblock that would be a good idea but it is.

RE: Suggestion! - Polo002 - 04-02-2018

The wastelands are for obtaining resources. Build a base on your island.

Thanks for the suggestion!