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Hello, I'm Victix - Introduction - Victix - 03-04-2018

As you can see from the name of this post my IGN is Victix. I am frequently new here as to HonestlyAwkward brought me here.
I am from the world of Canadia (Canada) and yes.. all those rumors are true... I have polar bears as pets, we drink Timmie's all the time, we live in iglu's, and yes we know what Grilled Cheese is...
My favourite food is of course Poutine

I am currently a Jr Developer in coding, I'm currently in High School taking business/coding courses to assist me in the future.
I was in Cadets for a few years and got some stripes (Military training) it was fun but painful it was worth it though!

I am free anytime to talk, no worries Canadia's are truly nice Big Grin

PS, HonestlyAwkward, I will never stop calling you KeKe  Heart

Hope to see you all on the server, and get to know each other!